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Anchor Botanicals

Anchor Botanical's roots are in terrarium making. Easier to care for than the simplest aquarium set up, a terrarium inspires curiosity and provides lasting and dynamic fun for all ages and lifestyles. 

Anchor Botanicals specializes in the fascinating culture of terrarium making and other botanical curiosities.  

As a child, founder Noel Rose created mini ecosystems for his pet lizards, frogs and arachnids. He now installs small and large scale terrariums in businesses, homes and places of learning. Rose also teaches terrarium classes at The New York Botanical Gardens, garden clubs and schools.

The beauty of a botanical installation is that it is originally created with an artistic and knowledgeable eye, and then it grows and morphs into something entirely new with just a little bit of care and subtle pruning and coaxing. It is a small scale exhibition of nature where there are constant surprises in store. Whether it's a small office terrarium with built-in-lighting, a series of planters for a sunny window or a living wall, Anchor Botanicals will create an ecosystem to fit your space. We can even build paludariums and vivariums to bring fish, reptiles and amphibians into your mini ecosystem!

Anchor Botanicals has installed in France, California and all over the tristate area. We are proud to have created terraria for the 2011 Macy's Flower Show.